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Jul 5, 2020 23:22:32 GMT -5
Located on the coast of Maine, this is the site of Curry Lighthouse and home to where Aquaman grew up.
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The crime-ridden city has problems numerous enough to make it a contender alongside Gotham and Bludhaven. Protectorate of the up-and-coming superhero, Static.
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Home to Ivy University and infamous for attracting all manner of bizarre inhuman threats and phenomenon. Currently safeguarded by the newest Atom.
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"The Opal" is located in Maryland, surrounded by mostly flat terrain and is a internationally recognized port city. It is famous specifically for being the protectorate of various heroes going by the codename "Starman."
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Sept 10, 2019 11:58:00 GMT -5
St Roch, Louisana. A melting pot of every walk of life and every kind of person. People have said that, at least with Gotham City, the criminal element his hidden behind a facade of respectability. St Roch wears its wickedness on its sleeve. Home to the Stonechat Museum.
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